Born in Vienna, 1977. Early interest in painting, later photography and video.
Influences from abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Master of fine arts in 2005 (conceptual art), receiving the price of masterclass for a  photographic installation and research on Fernando Pessoa (The Book of Disquiet), exhibited at betonsalon Vienna.

First experiments with silver gelatin and darkroom techniques.

Extended travels to the far east.
From 2007 to 2012 working as a restaurator of paintings for private collectors and museums in Vienna, then moved to Paris in 2013.
Started working with medium and large format cameras.

From 2018 to 2022 represented by ‘Galerie Agathe Gaillard’ (became ‘La Galerie Rouge’ in 2020)
Participation in collective exhibitions and a solo show presenting black and white photography on the edge of abstraction and painting.

Intensive occupation with the alchemistic aspect of handmade photography, using rare papers for printmaking, creating unique frames for final prints.
objects, mixed media (photography/painting/sculpture)

Solo shows:

2005: Das Büro des Bernardo Soares,
           Galerie bétonsalon, Vienna

2006: Memento Mori, Lehargasse, Vienna

2020: KAI 海 , La Galerie Rouge, Paris

2021: COSMOS, Kaffeefabrik, Vienna


Group shows:

2018: Au soleil,
          Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris
2019: La passegiata,
          Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris

Christoph Speiser est né en Autriche, à Vienne en 1977.
Artiste plasticien, diplômé des Beaux Arts de Vienne, dont il obtient le prix masterclass en 2005 il se consacre pendant un temps à l’art conceptuel.
Passionné de peinture et de photographie, il se tourne vers la restauration d’œuvres d’art pour différents musées et s’oriente vers la photographie à l’ancienne, re-découvrant des procédés presque perdus dans le temps. Il travaille exclusivement en argentique – moyen et large formats – sur des papiers rares faits à la main ainsi que sur d’autres supports.

Artiste photographe et plasticien, héritier d’une famille d’artisan, il réalise ses oeuvres en series limitées de la prise de vue à l’encadrement. Christoph Speiser fait de ses photographies des objets uniques, organiques.

Entre poésie et matière, il crée son univers à la fois cosmique et experimental.


Article by Pauline Lisowski:

link to article in 9lives magazine:

Kai 海 : Les abysses

Installation view

The Japanese word ‚KAI‘ 海 has many different meanings.
It can be referred to the sea or the unknown, to obscurity or infinity.

This series is inspired by this admiration of beauty in ever changing structures – the fluctuating and exquisitely shaped nature of things.

But also by the love for the sea and its fragility.

It focuses on simplicity and complexity, which perhaps helps to to create a short moment of pause in which the intellectually driven perception of imagery might come to a halt.

Preparing my first solo show at the Galerie Rouge in Paris
Opening on 25th of September 2020. Silver gelatin prints in limited edition